This website is being dedicated to some of the works in Sanskrit by our late father, Sri P. K. Srinivasan. In this website we have and intend to publish a lot of material that our father, Sri P. K. Srinivasan, had worked on Sanskrit and Carnatic music, two things very dear to him.

We are Sundhar, Suresh and Venkatesh, three sons of Sri P. K. Srinivasan. Although we have not benefited much from our father’s works and knowledge on Sanskrit and Carnatic music, we decided to share a lot of his works for anyone who is interested in Sanskrit. Contents include Sanskrit nursery rhymes with audios to help anyone wanting to recite them, Sanskrit multiplication tables as part of Sowdarsini series 3, audio files of select slokas recitals by him, Maha Kavi Sri Ramabhadrachariar masterpiece work “Chithrakavyam” he transliterated from Grantham into Sanskrit, and Sowdarsini series. Series 1 and 2 were first published in 1978 that contain slokas about Sudharsana Alwar and series 3 was published in 1988 that contains Sanskrit multiplication tables along with a few slokas he composed.